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Electroprecizia Holding: 80 years in sync with technology | TTonline

Electroprecizia Holding: 80 years in sync with technology

Electroprecizia Holding: 80 years in sync with technology

This year, ELECTROPRECIZIA celebrates 80 years since the registration of the company who represents the root of today’s holding. We have asked Mr. Adrian Secelean, the President of the Board Council, to tell us a few words about ELECTROPRECIZIA’s past, present and its vision.

“Our history begins in Brasov, a region with a strong industrial heritage, on the 30th of June 1936, when PREROM was esta-blished as a share hold company. It was a German-Czech-Romanian investment in a factory that produced cockpit flight instruments. Five years later, PREROM has taken over TARTLER, the German company specialized in electrical motors production. In 1948, the company was natio nalized and renamed ELECTROPRECIZIA, a brand that stands for “Romanian electro-technics’ precision”. One year later, due to production development, the factory has moved in S`cele, the city where we still activate nowadays.

By 1953, the Romanian automotive industry has significantly increased; therefore ELECTROPRECIZIA started to produce electric equipment for tractors and trucks. In 1968, together with the acquisition of the Serri Ducellier Jager license and the important investment in technology, the company has developed new production lines (starters, alternators, dash boards, distributors and relays), becoming an important player for the entire automotive industry. Meanwhile, the company has extended the production of the asynchronous electric motors.

The first quality standards for motors production were implemented in 1955 and one year later, the company was certified by DIN standards. By 1987, when ELECTROPRECIZIA motors were exported to USA, the company has developed its research and innovation capabilities, being able to produce new series of electric motors in aluminum case, single-phase motors, as well as special motors in open design and highly efficient motors.

ELECTROPRECIZIA’s privatization was fully accomplished in 2008, when it became a 100% Romanian company. 2009 represented an important milestone for the company’s development and optimization strategy, as there were created nine independent subsidiaries:

Electroprecizia Electrical Motors producing asynchronous electric motors:

a. Single-phase, size 56-100, power range 0,12-3 kW; 1500 and 3000 RPM b. Three-phase, size 56-160, power range 0,055-18,5kW; 750, 1000, 1500, 3000 RPM c. Special motors customized according to clients requirements

Electroprecizia Automotive Equipment

a. Production of electric and electro-technical equipment for the Romanian automotive industry b. Remanufacturing of alternators and starters for the European market

Electroprecizia Tools Production

a. Production of die casting tools for aluminium alloys, moulds for plastic injection, precision stamping tools, as well as machinery maintenance services

Electroprecizia Electrical Equipment

a. Production of electric and electronic subassemblies n Electroprecizia Construct Maintenance a. Design and implementation services for electric installation within 0,4 kV ÷ 400 kV range b. Maintenance services for industrial production machinery

Electroprecizia Cast Production

a. Die casting for aluminiun alloy b. Plastic injection

Electroprecizia Security & Protection

a. Security and protection services


a. Logistical services for domestic and international transporta- tion on the ground

Electroprecizia Hydro Energy

a. Electric power production b. Supply of utilities

ELECTROPRECIZIA’s reorganization as a holding was the most important factor that generated today’s success. Each subsidiary has become legally, managerially and financially independent. This way, each module has become more specialized, more efficient, which translated into company development and increased sales to existing and new clients, while keeping the cost control and implementing results orientated management.

The main investments followed two routes: one focusing on the maintenance and preservation of the company’s patrimony, the other one concerning the technology update. To give you some examples, we have a new unit specialized on aluminium die casting, that includes 6 aluminum die casting cells (equipped with robots removal of the piece), with pressing force between 300 and 1.000 tof., X-ray cabinet and 2 blasting system (con- tinuous band and swivel). Recently we put into operation a plastic injection unit completely refurbished with 5 injection machines Krauss Maffei – clamping force between 50 and 250 tof., automatized. Also was increased the processing capacity with CNC machines – 5 OKUMA lathes, milling machines HAAS, electro-erosion with wire AGIE.

Our investment efforts were also directed to reducing the production-generated pollution.

This is the reason why we have purchased a paint electrostatic installation, impregnation installation by immersion and systems for filtration and ventilation. All our activities that might affect the environment, all the environmental factors (dust emissions, wastewater disposal, production residual waste disposal) are strictly monitored, while compliance with the environment legislation is guaranteed by our internal procedures.

We are constantly focused on improving the quality of the production through modernization and technology updating. Therefore, we have started to mass-produce a new range of highly efficient electric motors (IE3). We have consolidated our research and development team, which has started to design new projects, such as the IE4 premium motors, which meet our client requests and the highest international standards in energy consumption. To ensure the most efficient resource allocation model, we have implemented ERP integrated (SAP) and Business Intelligence solutions.

As a short term objective, we are committed to optimize the usage of all our infrastructure assets, by obtaining the ELECTROPRECIZIA industrial park title. Yet, we cannot talk about our ambitions, our business objectives, without mentioning ELECTROPRECIZIA’s most valuable resource: the people. The proficient management, the qualification level, the know-how, the competency, the employees’ loyalty and the team spirit, they all represent key factors that lead to performance. Without well-trained, dedicated professionals who put passion in everything they do, one cannot talk about success. You can buy machinery, you can purchase technologies, but when it comes to the passion and the respect of the employees, there are things that no one can buy, you can only win them! Myself together with the entire management team, we are proud of each colleague of ours, we are a family that counts over 1.000 members. This year, when we celebrate 80 years since the registration of the company who started ELECTROPRECIZIA HOLDING, we have prepared a surprise for all the members of our team, a true celebration, where we have the chance to thank everyone for their efforts, their professionalism and for what they will further achieve together with all of us, their colleagues and friends.

I like to say that ELECTROPRECIZIA is a brand with a soul. Lately, our holding has offered support for a lot of social cases, being an active participant to the social life of our city.

This is how ELECTROPRECIZIA looks like. I think that now you can understand why we consider ourselves as members of a big family and why it is important that every employee comes to work with a smile on their face and with full trust in what they can achieve and how their performance will be recognized and rewarded.

We are proud of our achievements and we thank all our colleagues and partners who contributed to our success. Yet, I don’t want to close without saying something more: the present satisfies us, while the future has bigger expectations from us!

We have proved that we are capable, we have trust, we are insynch with the technology and we are passionate about what we do. Do you know what all these mean? Our future is ensured by our integration on the European market, by constantly increasing our performance, and this is my promise for everyone of you, our colleague, collaborators, partners and clients.”

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